#2758 – audited

it is too damn hot in here. someone turn on the a/c or something, sheesh!

we got our scores of our store / kiosk audit back today:

kiosk: 94%

store: 91%

HELL YEAH. this psyched me up so much at work when i found out (since it depends on a lot of the work that i myself do since i like to take charge of checking the activation/upgrade paperwork and other operations tasks at the store – i had heard that our upgrade paperwork was a straight-up 100% which is AWESOME). this means drew, my manager, is going to take the customer care reps out for dinner again! 😀 it’s a big deal to get a score of 90% or higher, and this makes twice in a row we’ve got that sort of score. to quote isaac hayes: “damn right.”

i still have that gift certificate to outback steakhouse sitting around here, hah…

what else happened… hm… oh yeah! i almost had to break up a fight at work today, hahahahaha… let me set the scene: i’m at our customer care desk in the back finishing up remarking a customer’s account, while the other two reps are up at our desk at the front of the store. one of the reps is with a customer while the other one just finished with his customer and since it was time for him to leave he leaves (who wouldn’t?). the technicians send some guy with a laptop up to my desk where he waits while i finish remarking the account. the greeter comes over and says “this guy was waiting in line up front for customer service while they were helping out customers out there, and the techs sent this other guy right over to you…” (she means the laptop guy) “…could you help this guy who was waiting up front first since he was waiting for ages for a rep? all he wants to do is change his price plan.”

me: “uh, ok – it’ll just be a few minutes while i finish remarking this”

her: “ok.” *to a man in a yellow shirt* “…he’ll be right with you.”

so after i finished remarking the guy’s account i started to help the guy in the yellow shirt with changing his plan (which normally is just a quick 3-5 minute process depending on whether or not they know what they want). while i was helping him, the guy with the laptop stayed right in front of me glaring at me, but what else could i do? after a minute or two the guy that i was helping started yelling at the guy with the laptop:

yellow shirt: “jeez! could you move out of the way?? i don’t want you listening in on my private business over here! step out of the way!”

laptop guy: “screw you! i’m not in the way! you just butted right in here!”

yellow shirt: “well i had been waiting for 30 minutes up there for a rep and you just came up, so i’ve already been waiting in line!”

laptop guy: “well they just sent me over here!”


at this point i’m standing there watching them go back and forth yelling at each other while everyone else in the store just stared at us all. i was trying to quiet them down and was saying things such as “ok, sirs, let’s try to keep cool heads here…” and “you two have got me caught in a tough situation here, so i’m going to get this done as fast as i can so i can take care of both of you” (to which laptop guy sarcastically replied “well then go as fast as you can then, glenn!”… jeez, what a…

BREAKING NEWS! this cricket was running around the room earlier and i tried to get him, but i couldn’t – now savannah the cat is chasing after him. go cat!

ok, back to our regularly scheduled post, already in progress…

i don’t know if i would have started playing mills lane out there or not, but eventually they shut up and laptop guy stood back and kendrick finished up with his customer and helped the laptop guy out. yellow shirt apologized to me a few times and said that he just didn’t want other people listening in on his business and that the other guy should have stood back at a respectable distance anyway. the whole process took about maybe 10 minutes because i had to explain myself to the guy several times to get him to understand. 😛 some lady told the manager while this was going on that he needed to go over to where i was to seperate them, and he told her no because they were already seperate – he wasn’t going to get in the middle of their fight unless they were right up next to each other.

we had (apparently) a birthday party for dad tonight – i say “apparently” because i was at work when it happened… mom and anne and dad had cake and presents while i wasn’t home. at least i still got some cake. i know what i want to get for dad, but i just need to find it first…

i also got my first free cd in the mail today from parasol. it’s this cd, which according to isn’t even supposed to be released for another 2 weeks, heh…

i’ve got an assignment due in my data communications / networks class tomorrow. it’s mostly easy stuff, but i can’t bring myself to start it. stupid heat.