#2756 – probably a bit too much

went out to fells point with whammywah and raptorhigh this evening – i wanted to go to the sound garden and find either “joe’s garage” by frank zappa and/or any cds by motorhead, the swingin’ swamis, or the michael schenker group, and wouldn’t you know i didn’t buy any of those and still managed to spend almost $90 on used cds (with the exception of two new ones).

to quote dave: “that place is dangerous.”

the stuff i got still rocked, though – van halen, gene simmons, pizzicato five ep, the hives, 3 cds of lounge music, and (best of all) a cd by the moog cookbook! i hadn’t even heard of the moog cookbook and was thinking of getting it just because of the images on the cover/back of the album. dave said he’d buy it if i didn’t and that they were really good and funny, so i bought it, and it’s one of the most hilarious things i’ve heard in my life!

apparently today was the last day of some festival in fells point – they were in the middle of cleaning up when we were arriving. if i knew about it ahead of time i might have gone up earlier in the day instead of fiddling around the house all morning/afternoon. 🙁 on the plus side, my little sister anne now has her own email / instant messenger name – i feel old now…

i’ve been eating these krispy kreme donuts we’ve got here, but they’re nowhere near as good as ones fresh off the assembly line. 🙁 i was tempted to go out to krispy kreme right away to get some (24-hour drive-thru!), but then i remembered it’s 3:30 in the morning and i’m falling asleep so i probably shouldn’t.