#2753 – a gun down the pants

so last night was dennis’ party with meowremix3804 and otsukare_sama and a few dozen other people – ended up crashing for the night at his place with ben and matt after playing video games (such as katamari damacy, latest awesome party-game, or def jam: fight for ny, where i actually did my best fighting cleaning clocks as flava flav – no kidding!) until about 4 in the morning. anyway, the night led to crazy things, like me sticking a pellet-gun down my pants and thugging it up, or turning off the playstation 2 just to see an 8′ tall nun’s face and disturbing naked women filling up the wall, bahahaha… you’ll have to see the pics. 😛

speaking of 8′ nuns, a quick 15 minute photoshop turned buddy-pal ben into this, bahahahahhahahahah XD

it’s sad when spending the night at a friend’s place by crashing on the floor yields more hours of sleep in a night than what you’ve got at home in your own bed in the two days previous.

went to work (curse you lucky people that had the day off!), ended up doing paperwork and trying to look busy for the first 3 or 4 hours until i took lunch. afterwards i knew i couldn’t keep it up for any longer since all the work that needed to be done was done, so i came out on the salesfloor to help do customer care stuff. it sucked because we had 3 other customer care reps there (two opening, two closing), and while there were the occasional lines of customers we ended up just standing around looking at each other when our lines were gone – the salespeople were another story, people were waiting there for ages. hearing them bitch make me want to get out of retail even more. as ben put it to me once, i’m a “‘customer care representative'” – that’s my job title, but note the extra quotes i threw in there: i don’t need to care, i just represent someone who does, bahahahaha…

the store closes at 8:00 on saturdays. we’re scheduled to leave at 8:30 (or whenever we get the closing procedures finished). we didn’t get to leave until 10:30 – that SUCKS. at least now i’m getting almost 4 hours of overtime for the week. 😛

i still don’t know what i’m doing tomorrow, but after finding this one pic online i’ve got the urge to mix up a cd just to use it as an album cover, haha…