#2751 – international man of leisure

i started laughing in the car when i heard this commercial just now, it sounded like something i’d write / do:

guy: *cheerful* “hi honey, i’m home! i just quit my job!”

wife: “…quit your job? why??”

guy: “well, i was on my lunch break, and i thought that this whole ‘working’ thing wasn’t for me, so i just quit! i’m going to be an… *dramatic* INTERNATIONAL MAN OF LEISURE!

wife: “how can you be an *sarcastic* “international man of leisure” if you haven’t even left the country??”

guy: “well, with this new special from airtran, i’ll be able to travel anywhere for free! i’ll be going to london, paris, rome…!”

wife: “what about the mortgage??”

guy: “well, you’ll have to get a second job to take care of that, but who cares, the flights will be free!”

wife: *sigh*

guy: “whaddya think? does an INTERNATIONAL MAN OF LEISURE need a monocle?”

wife: “…you don’t even wear glasses!!”

guy: “…but still… monocle!”

wife: *sigh*


i just busted out the most awesome solution to a customer’s problem just before coming home for lunch – customer service at a store in new jersey dropped the ball, but i fixed them up and got them all taken care of. go me!

now for eats… i haven’t had anything to eat all day other than caffeine T_T