#2750 – moving on up

i like doing in-car karaoke (or is that “caraoke”? har har!) to frank zappa the most… he’s the best one that i can sing along with and not sound terrbily out of key. maybe we have similar vocal characteristics? is this higher-pitched zappa pre-push? who knows??

got two emails about radiokrud today – first one was from the guy in charge of publicity for parasol records, and they’re going to be mailing me occasional cds 😀 awesome 😀 😀

the other email was from someone with the publicity department for fanscape wondering if we would want to link to the video for some single by a perfect circle… it a) all seemed a bit too politically charged, and b) too commercial for a musicblog (especially after this), so i thanked them and said that we’d rather keep politics out of the musicblog, but thanks anyway and hope you keep us informed of future promotions.

ocarina: dave (bruno_boy) has been wondering if you got our email about a pic for him for radio krud… didn’t know if you got it or not – he’s feeling left out without a pic ^_^; hehe…

fixed up my old computer so i can set it up in anne’s room so she can get internet-connected per mom’s suggestion.

also i got a piece of my childhood back in the mail today! 😀 back when i was around 11 or so, i had this battery operated hockey game, about 6″ by 12″… it had these knobs you could turn to spin the players, or push the knobs away to make the players advance, or pull the knobs in to make them retreat. anyway, about when i was 11 we had a yard sale and i was selling it, but this old lady was really mean and pressured me into selling it for only $1, and afterwards i and my parents were all sad that i had sold it for such a small price. fast forward until a few days ago, when htothem‘s question of the day was to talk about a toy from your childhood, and that was the first thing i thought of. i ended up finding it on ebay with 10 hours left in the auction with no bids on it, bid the minimum ($5), and won 😀 got it in the mail today, and so now we’re reunited after being seperated for almost half my life! XD

tomorrow, videogame party party party at dennis’ place (word on the street is this time we’ll have TWO projectors! i ‘ll have to bring my camera!), so it’s going to be work until 4:30 and then party it up for the rest of the night.

last time i went to sleep this late, i woke up with my alarm and ran around my room for a minute not knowing what to do: “do i turn off my alarm? how about just lower the volume?? do i start to get dressed and ignore the alarm??? how about turn on the light? or take a shower?? augh!”