#2748 – survey says

my computer networks & internets professor sent out an email:

Hi, everyone,

I was told by the undergraduate director that some students complain about progress of the course. Before I slow down, I need your feedback on several questions.

Please read and fill out the attached sheet. Hand in tomorrow in class.



IFSM450/650C Progress of the course—–I need your feedback to adjust the speed and the course lecturing format (the undergraduate director has told me about complains he received from some of you). Or I keep the original speed, so that you can learn more from the course.

First, let you know what I have in my mind about the course and you.

i). Do not go into text that can be easily understood since you all can read well,

ii). Concentrate on places that you may have difficulty to understand,

iii). You need to spend at least three times of the class meeting time a week by yourself for the course (7.5 hours a week),

iv). You are all adults, so you know what you are doing, I do not feed you. I do all the preparation and cleaning. You need to learn by yourself, and,

v). Let graduate students have a chance to make decision making and leading groups, and let undergraduate students have a chance to work in group under some leadership.

Second, please let me know how much time and efforts you have invested on the course except complaining about the course to the undergraduate director. Note that answers here will have no impact on your final grade. So please answer it truly.

1. Do you read through the textbook and note before coming to the class?

2. Do you study after the class?

3. Do you try to work on practice exercises?

4. Do you ask questions in the class?

5. Do you ask questions in the Blackboard?

6. Do you try to stop by my office during office hours?

7. How many hours a week do you spent on the course? Not including the course meeting time.

8. Do I go into detail enough on materials that present in exercises and assignments?

9. What is your main motivation of coming to the class besides passing the core course requirement?

10. What are your suggestions for the course?

i don’t like the tone of this at all! 😛 what’s she going to do if i don’t turn it in, either? hm? 😛 also, for clarification, i wasn’t one of those who complained.