#2742 –

i’m feeling kind of sad… not really “depressed”, just, well, sad. not even “boo-hoo” sad, more of a disappointed sort of sad: more “blah” than “wah”.

can’t even say why exactly, because it’s a few little things that are bothering me in the back of my head, and they really aren’t anything to be worried about or even care about, but they’re not really going to go away.


anyway, here’s two new icons! 😛

new devious:

new fighting:

i think i’ll go and buy one of the rocky & bullwinkle dvd box sets in the near future. i also want to get the box set of sealab 2021 sometime too…

i was thinking of different halloween costumes (i’ve got off for halloween this year! last time i had off of work on halloween was back in 2002!), so i’m ready to get my trick on and my treat on and my eat candy on and costume on (which goes without saying, so i typed it up here instead!). i’ve got a total of 3 ideas i can work on, one of them i did before at paigeyiscrazey‘s 21st birthday and might try again, the other two are SECRET (well, kinda-sorta… bruno_boy and xxxantiyouxxx know what they are).

anyway, it’s time for sleep, ought to have been in bed ages ago since i’m opening at 8. good news is that compliance came into the store today (so i don’t have to open the store with them making me nervous), bad news is we probably won’t get a good score 🙁

…well, there’s one of the things that was bothering me. the others are a bit more personal in nature. and just as long as we beat our bowie store (who got a rumored 73%), drew, my manager, says he’ll be happy, heh…

anyway, quickly, for reference, the schedule for the next few days…

tomorrow: work 8 – 4:30

thursday: classes 4:00 – 8:30

friday: work 8 – 4:30, free concert w/ woodswork & carbon leaf @ 6 in baltimore (the thing i’ll most likely forget)

saturday: work 11:30 – 8:30

sunday: day off! i think dennis said something about seeing about going to the renaissance breastfestival…

i have to give drew props on his schedule-making abilities for october (everything from this sunday going forward), we’re actually going to be getting 2 days off consecutively on a regular basis for a change!

ok, night-time, fo’ realz. hopefully will be able to wake up early enough for getting eats on the way in to work ^_^;