#2738 – given the sushi runaround

dreamt last night that i was going to a class taught by one of my old professors in this lecture hall on campus – i think we were going to have an exam. i decided to stop into this kind of dirty-looking sushi restaurant to get some food. the guy taking my order took all of my money and gave me a towel instead, and every time i looked at the menus up on the walls i would see something different. i actually found what i thought was going to be apple fanta (after all these years!), but it turned out to be some apple-flavored soda from england. 🙁

eventually i knew that i was going to be late for class and said screw it, i’ll just stay in the sushi restaurant instead.

wonder what i need to have done for my first class today? i’d better check and see, i guess XD;