#2730 – nothing special

went to work today where i had a few different customers try to act like they knew the verizon wireless system of billing better than myself. 😛

bought the album “the altogether” by orbital today, mostly just for their cover of the dr who theme… i’d only really heard one other song by orbital, and that was a live version of this same song…

other than that i’ve just sat around at home, watched my britcoms, chatted with one or two people online, and now on dr who it looks like people are wearing curtains as outfits. those crazy sci-fi costume designers! and now the doctor is being chased by quarks!

the family is going to the renaissance festival tomorrow, but i need to work and cannot go 🙁 i told them to buy me the latest cd by the pyrates royale.

so how was your night? probably more exciting than mine, i’m sure…