#2729 – badonkadonk

yesterday on the way to school i had “whoomp! there it is” by tag team (in full effect, even!) and “whoot! there it is!” by 95 south stuck in my head and had to listen to them several times on my drive.

last night and today i’ve been thinking of the music video for “got some teeth” by obie trice… damn skippy!

this morning i woke up and while i was taking my shower i had “baby got back” by sir mix-a-lot stuck in my head.

today it was also “dirt off your shoulder” by jay-z.

i’m sensing a theme here, people. maybe i should stop browsing the itunes music store music video section and watching the hippity-hop videos: “two thousand years after jesus, thirty years after martin luther king, the age of montel; sweet lord of mercy is that where we at? ‘i left my wallet in el segundo’!”

the three exceptions of videos i saw were this one which made me think of me if i happened to be wearing white pants and a red hooded sweatshirt… i look more like young austin powers though, haha (halloween costume idea! :D)… that, and the video for “walk idiot walk” – i hadn’t heard much from the hives, but seeing the video for that made me think of the video for “are you gonna be my girl” by jet and made me think of recordings of live performances from 30-40 years ago. finally, jem looked a little bit like whammywah‘s girlfriend, i thought.

so i was on myspace and i was fiddling around with this picture ranking thing, and right now it’s not showing my picture. but that’s not what confuses me – it says i have a score of 8.2! me? an 8.2? that’s impossible! how can i have a score of 8.2 on an integer scale from 1-10 with only 1 vote so far?! that should be a whole number!

now i am confused. and i am a dork for feeling the need to clarify that it’s an integer scale. 😛 but at least i’m not busting rhymes about franklin d roosevelt!

nuts, now i’m in a mood to watch “goldmember”! must go to bed, though…

oh! one last thing: i was doing errands today and driving around in my mini, and with 60 miles on the tripometer, my range that i could still travel on that tank of gas: 400 miles. yes, i could have travelled 450+ miles on a single tank of gas!

that’s why i <3 <3 my mini cooper 😀 i treated it to a spongebath when i got home (in other words, i washed the car :P). looks sooo much nicer now, though! who wants to go for a ride? 😀