#2721 – "glennunine draft"

went out to o’briens after work with about a dozen of my coworkers to see another one of our coworkers with his band play – they perform there every other wednesday night. another one of our coworkers was leaving the store channel to go into direct sales, so since we wouldn’t be seeing him again regularly it was kind of like a little going-away party.

ben told me that he’s got some leftover guinnesses (guinnessi?) at his place from the party we had a week or two ago, so maybe after classes tomorrow i’ll help him polish those off, haha. he also told dennis and myself a story about how (i think it was otsukare_sama) naming one of our coworkers “glenn-lite” (he just recently got a v710 phone with bluetooth and an ibook, while i have a v710 and a bluetooth-capable powerbook and pda), and how i’m “glennuine draft”, bahahahahaha XDDDDD best. nickname. EVAR.

we watched some people dancing, and saw this balding old man try to freak-dance with these girls. now i have seen EVERYTHING. @_@

i’m scheduled to be at work in less than 6 hours. go me!