#2717 – transflash

i’ve felt kind of awkward tonight… ^_^;

earlier tonight i could have gone to the strip club after my psychology test (which i think went pretty well), but i had a few things that i had to take care of tonight, didn’t have much in the way of cash, and also did not have sub-club cards to use! 🙁 oh well… at least i got to see the season finale of “the amazing race” 😛

i think friday i’m going back to fells point and do more exploring. supposed to be an even better day, and since i wasn’t able to switch my schedule around to do this manditory training thing on thursday (and end up losing my day off in the process :P), my manager said it’d be ok and he could see about setting up a one-on-one sort of training thing for us (since he’d need it as well). hopefully this time i’ll be able to do some boozing 😛 and find that cd of the swingin’ swamis!

october’s almost here. i want to go to a big fun halloween party… for some reason i kept thinking that halloween was only in about a week, but no. a week or so and a month to go 🙁

i finally got my memory card for my phone – this thing is (no joke) as big as my fingernail! see?

i’ve been trying to think of good mp3s to copy on over as ringtones for people, but so far have had mostly mindblanks 🙁

i think the package delivery people have been smoking crack lately though – when my ipod was being swapped out then the dhl guy just up and left it sitting in the newspaper box at the bottom of the driveway. today, the ups driver left my box from with my memory chip in it sitting IN the driveway – if it weren’t right next to the sunroom door like it was i could have run over it with the car 😛

man, this cat is a loud snorer ^^;

bits and pieces of randomness that didn’t really belong in a post with other stuff to follow ^^;