#2715 – fells point / bookended with bachelor pad music

you all missed out on a fun escapade! after sitting around the house here watching “lost in translation”, i ended up going out on my ride. didn’t know where i’d go, so i popped in the “betty page: jungle girl” mix cd (scroll past the “discomfortstand” and beware the autoplaying music!) and kind of motored through the town and out onto route 50 towards dc. it felt so good to be out goofing off and zooming around i couldn’t help but let out some james-brown-ish screams: “AAOWWW!!!” XD;

just before the beltway i ran into traffic (maybe from the redskins game? were they playing at home today?), so i got off the highway and made my way back through bowie, up route 32, and onto I-97 and into baltimore, crusing around with what bass i have in my mini turned up while grooving to the spoken mix of “love is psychedelic” by fantastic plastic machine (i’d link it since it’s a good song, but don’t have as much room for hosting right now due to radiokrud obligations…).

so i went riding through baltimore and was like “well, why not go for a ride at least through fells point to see if i can find my way there and what they have” – that turned into “hey, open parking spaces! maybe i’ll get out and look around!”, and then “oh, but this meter thing isn’t working, guess i’ll just park in that garage back there…”, but finally “aha! free 2 hours of street parking! score!”

so i got out and walked around, passed by some pubs (remember two of them, “the cats eye” and “the horse you came in on”), and pretty much just wandered around a bit since it was after dark by then. went into this used cd/dvd store called “sound garden” – i had tried looking for “the altogether” by orbital and almost bought “joe’s garage” at best buy earlier today, but settled for “shut up ‘n play yer guitar” instead, so i wanted to see if i could find it here. poked around in the store for about an hour and picked up a few different albums:

“seed”, afro celt sound system

“son of cheep thrills”, frank zappa (new, $6!)

“live cream”, cream

“speakerboxx/the love below”, outkast (used, $12!)

and one i picked up for kicks: “no sound is too taboo”, united future organization

so after getting my tunes i headed back to the car because 1) i had to use the bathroom and couldn’t find any public facilities, and 2) was getting hungry and wanted to get home to listen to my tunes. when i passed back by the cat’s eye there was some music coming from inside – sounded pretty good (and how could you go wrong with a band named THE SWINGIN’ SWAMIS??) but i didn’t want to go in because a) was still hungry and wanted to get back home, and b) while i could have gone in to use the facilities and wanted to listen to the music, i just think it’s kind of depressing to be out drinking by yourself. 🙁 besides, i had enough of a time parallel-parking sober, so who knows how well i’d do if i had a beer in me, haha… so i just stopped outside for a few seconds and listened. after looking at their webpage i’m kind of sad that i didn’t stop in to see them, but, good news! the kennedy center has video of one of their performances on their webpage, and the cd store i was in tonight apparently carries their cds! (there’s also mp3s up at soundclick, but it won’t let me download them… never mind that, i’m just downloading the hi-fi stream .pls files and opening them up in text editors to download the actual songs XD)

must make return trip! 😀 😀 yay to meowremix3804 for recommending i go down to fells point – i need to check that place out more often…

on the way down there i was driving with one hand and snapping pix with the other, here’s the best ones that came out:

sippin’ my coke, crusin’ in 6th…

me driving! hooray for camera timer XD

side-view mirror – i don’t like how dark it was at the time there in the shadows (wallpaper-size)

rear-view mirror – wish it focused on the mini hanging from my mirror instead of the trees in the distance 🙁 still, not that bad… (wallpaper-size)

another rear-view mirror – i like the positioning of the car in this one… (wallpaper-size)

my favorite pic of them all – a motorcycle gang was gaining on me! (wallpaper-size)