#2710 – what's wrong with this picture?

i felt strangely compelled to make this after seeing that picture as someone’s lj icon, hahaha…….. ok, yeah, i’ll kill myself now for making that 🙁 *feels dirty*

tomorrow’s going to be about 70° and sunny, and i just have to get out and about otherwise i’d feel so bad for wasting a good day what with all the rain and having to be at work crap lately. i think i’ll go out for a drive around the place, and meowremix3804 suggested i check out fells point – never been there myself so that sounded like a good place to explore! i invited her along too if she didn’t have anything else to do or was bored and wanted to adventure it up or play tour guide or whatever, but who knows, it will probably end up just being me and the mini… i guess i’ll leave here around early afternoon, no later than 2ish? let me know before then if you’re interested in going, em…

if the o’s were in town and playing tomorrow night i’d go to one of their games as well, but they’re not in town and their game is not at night, so boo on both counts. what with their current streak it might be actually ENJOYABLE to go to an o’s game and not be a travesty like the past two or three games i’ve gone to.

reminder for self: charge up the camera’s battery before going!