#2709 – waging my right to wager

interview now up at the tofu hut! look and see! 😀

just saw this commercial on tv that went something along the lines of:

“we in the united states get to enjoy the most freedoms of anyone in the world. but people in the government want to take away some of our rights. they want to get rid of our right to bet on sporting events! call 888-555-BETS to voice your support! if they take our right to wager on sports, what else would we have to bet on?”

i wish i was paying attention to the tv more when it came on, i only half-listened to it until the end (but i did see that the phone number ended in BETS), and afterwards dad and i started laughing because it was so random.

got my phone in the mail today! its camera and screen and audio and, well, everything, is definitely improved over my old phone. and it has bluetooth! (i lessthanthree bluetooth… now they just need to finish fixing up the bluetooth implementation on it so it can sync stuff via bluetooth – i have to use a cable to connect it up, but oh well, i don’t care about it that much – it still works as a wireless modem with no problems!). now to just get a transflash card for it so i can fix up some mp3 ringtones… i still don’t know what all the stuff on the phone does, and it’s been making weird beeps at me for text messages and all so i need to poke around more with it and see what i can figure out and customize it and have fun.

worked 11 – 9:30 today. i’m just glad i’ve got off on sunday – need to find something to do and someone to do it with!

had a big taco bell dinner tonight, 3 tacos and half of a burrito grande – i’m going to feel that in the morning! 🙁