#2699 – haze

well, i remember some bits about last night and forgot the rest. but isn’t that how it always is?

i didn’t get sick until i was all set to get back in the car to drive back home. how crazy is that? booze it up all night, and end up getting sick off of drinking too much water too quickly in the morning, haha. had the door to the car all open and my stuff tossed inside already before i ended up tossing the cookies. right in the middle of the street, too 😛 that’s the story of my life, have it all going really great, and at the very end something screws it all up. cases in point: the other day i bought “streets of fire” and “lost in translation” on dvd. yesterday i watched “streets of fire”, and opened up “lost in translation” to see if it had anything in the dvd case i could look at. didn’t realize until i actually took it out of the cellophane wrapper that it’s the FULLSCREEN version and not WIDESCREEN. crap! who sells fullscreen movies anymore?! in any case, since it’s out of its wrapper no good trying to return it now… 😛 other case in point – first thing i ever tried to buy off of ebay was a copy of the movie “tall blond man with one black shoe”, and it wasn’t until i actually won the auction that i found out it was laserdisc 😛

casualties of the evening from 5:00 pm – 1 am: 2 bottles of miller MGD, 2 carbombs (well, 1 1/2, actually – first one of the night that i had i was only able to finish it halfway ^_^;), a shot of an invented drink called “yum yum” (vanilla vodka + triple sec + pineapple juice), a shot of tequila (since i hadn’t had it before – it makes me think of what rubbing alcohol might taste like :P), a shot of something else that ben mixed up that had lime juice in it, and two cigars. might have been one or two other things in there too, but that’s all i remember having, bahaha.

surprisingly, my head doesn’t hurt as much as i’d expect it to! don’t know how otsukare_sama or meowremix3804 are handling it though, but i just messaged emily on myspace and i guess she made it to work in one piece, more or less, and matt just replied to my drunk post from last night, hahaha. what really cracks me up about that is the current mood i’ve got typed in, bahahahahaa

one of the funniest things that happened last night was when dennis went to go use the bathroom – the bathroom is on the ground floor and it has a little porthole window that looks out into the back yard… as dennis was taking a leak he popped the window open and shouted something to the effect of “HAY GUYS I’M PEEING IN HERE!!1”. other funny things: me reenacting the opening sequence to “shaft” theme if it were about me. i also remember everybody figuring out their porn-star names (the version where you take one of your pet’s names and your street you live on). erm, that’s all i remember, but i remember also telling kendrick and john some funny story but beats me if i remember what it was about.

after everybody left i just stayed at ben’s place and crashed on the floor upstairs. i don’t remember anything until waking up at about 5:00 ~ 5:30, so i had to have been sleeping for about 4 hours by then but i didn’t remember sleeping at all, just lying down one moment and then the next trying to get comfortable. ended up sleeping on and off until about 7.

mom was outside watering the flowers when i got home and she was surprised to see me – i told them that i was going to ben’s cookout but apparently they didn’t expect me to spend the night, so i told her how people didn’t want to be driving after drinking. it’s funny, even for being 22 and legal and all i almost expect some flak from drinking (it’s funny, i always think of people like my parents or relatives as teetotalers), but she said that’s what she thought might have happened but was going to give me a call anyway when she came back inside. she asked me out of the blue just now “when you drink, do you drink a lot?” so i said “some, not ‘a lot‘”. i don’t remember the last time i was out partying and got so drunk i was getting sick while still at the place i was boozing at. not since my 21st birthday, probably… hrm. she went on to tell me about how last friday she was driving back from her chapel thingy and even though only having half a glass of wine at 6:30 and seeing a sobriety checkpoint on the way home she avoided it by taking a different route – not necessairily because of the wine, because by that time there wouldn’t be any problems, but because the checkpoint was slowing everything down. it’s funny to hear about her avoiding the checkpoint, though, haha…

still no review up on the tofu hut, and doesn’t look like it’ll be me up there tomorrow either. he’s been running a mix lately titled “I’M NOT AS THINK AS YOU DRUNK I AM: SONGS ABOUT GETTING MESSED UP”. i should ask him if the next one would be “music to have a hangover by”… or maybe i’ll just make that one up myself, haha. he did get a mention in newsweek though, which is super hilarious especially when you see the title. hahaha… that’s what i would have expected to see in the rolling stone article (which he wasn’t in, but anyway)… but, in newsweek!? bahaha

plan for the day: shower, breakfast, wash car (it needs it!), go to work 1:30 – 10:00. and apparently clean the bathrooms too, i’ve been “volunteered”. 😛