#2696 – "????"

so, with the help of festive playing interpreter, we analyzed this emily character that i met at the party the other night and mentioned in the previous post, and after her analyzing she talked me up into chatting with emily (i had investigated and after poking around from place to place was how i found out she had an lj). things went pretty well i guess, nothing concrete so far, still trying to figure out what she thinks about me.

it was funny though, got her myspace info last night, added her as a friend on there. via myspace i found her full name, via google i found pics at some clubs that she had taken, and via that site i found her email address, and via that i found out she had an lj. after chatting with her for a few minutes, my old coworker dennis messaged me (i didn’t have him listed as a buddy online but i knew it was him from his aim name)… slightly edited transcript…

dennis: “haha you are an official STALKER!”

me: “well well well”

me: “look who’s talking”

me: “hahaha”

dennis: “hahaha”

dennis: “me?”

dennis: “never…”

me: “haaa”

dennis: “Em just told me you hit her up…”

dennis: “she’s like ????”

me: “bahahaha”

me: “well, i was bored so i was poking around online and found she has a livejournal”

me: “hahahaha”

me: “any stalkering is purely coincidental O:-)”

dennis: “…right…”

later when he was going to bed:

dennis: “don’t keep her up too late…”

me: “hahaha”

me: “who, me? O:-)”

dennis: “you sly dog…”

bahahahahhahahha XD

so who knows. i invited her to the cookout tomorrow but she said she might be going to the baltimore museum of art. oh well. dennis will be at the cookout tomorrow though, so i’m going to have to corner him for the scoop on her, hahahaha. like i said, though, no telling what she really thinks of me so far, but she’s very geographically desireable! hahaha