#2695 – party hardy

it’s like all i’ve been doing lately is party it up with my coworkers, hahaha. added meowremix3804 to my friends list after meeting her at that party the other day…

i’ve been asked to do another review of a group for radio krud – this time it’s for the psychedelic avengers, and tomorrow for a coworker cookout the guy hosting has asked me to dj it up, bahahaha…. i also fixed the link on radiokrud to go straight to my music stream so it shouldn’t give people problems like it has lately. i forsee comcast and/or recording industries coming down on my ass harder than, er, i dunno, something that’s hard. haha 😛

apparently that position with IT that i applied for at work had 80 people apply for… 80 people fighting for 2 positions? something makes me think that i won’t get it. 🙁 my manager applied for another position – he told me that if he gets it that i ought to consider applying for his position. i don’t know if i’m management material or not or what, but it’s a few G’s more a year i’d be making, and i’m all about the cash money. i’d see myself yelling at customers though for being stupid, haha… maybe i shouldn’t apply… i don’t know…

the family is going to the beach on a day trip tomorrow. i’ve got no idea what i’m going to do until the cookout. i guess i’ll sleep until then.

isn’t my life just oh so exciting? 😛

will that cricket SHUT UP?? goddamn! it’s keeping me awake!