#2694 – cewebrity

picked up copies of the movies “streets of fire” and “lost in translation” today, as well as the best of the soundtrack to the movie “wattstax”. yeah funk! also got the copy of rolling stone that came out today for the article about mp3blogs. no mention of the guy who runs the tofu hut, which is a shame. he’s had his pic taken by some rolling stone photographer who also took pictures of avril lavigne, so that makes me, what, 3° of seperation? hahaha – otsukare_sama was jealous. still no update at the tofu hut of my interview yet though 🙁 i can’t wait, though, because then i will be a “cewebrity”!

after work went to dennis’ apartment to hang out since he was having a get-together at his place. it was kind of dorky being like a dozen guys and only two girls there with us all playing videogames and me mixing up tracks for radio krud with my powerbook. man is that thing a conversation starter, and i had a “bat out of hell 2” desktop picture so that just doubled the conversations started, haahha… yes, people liked it and i talked about computer stuff and music and musicblogs etc. i was also now dubbed “infamous glenn”, and i like that name, haha.

talked with this one girl named emily about music, and it’s amazing how similar our tastes in music were. it all started with a few of us talking about ringtones, and she showed us her kraftwerk ringtone on her phone, and i started talking to her about señor coconut, and from there we started talking about old-school rap such as vanilla ice, mc hammer, and tag team, and then going on to talk about mashups (eminem got snookered), and even herb frickin’ alpert and the tijuana brass. if that’s not mind-blowing meeting someone else who’s all about the herb alpert, i don’t know what is. eventually after talking about a few other things we’ve decided that we’re each our new best friend, haha… what’s weird is i’ve seen a picture of her before, and you probably have too if you read diesel sweeties – she’s wearing the “jesus helps me trick people” shirt on the right sidebar! i saw that the other day and was like “woo, sexy”, and next thing i know i meet the real herb alpert loving thing (for some reason i just thought of crazykiltman being like “woah, awesome” when i found that out, haha)! i might have well just said “take me, i’m yours!”, bahahaha… so what’s the scoop on her? any word on her single status, dennis ol’ buddy ol’ pal? i’ve figured i’ll just enable comments to everybody, so there’s no excuse for you not to reply! bahahaha… *fiendish*

anyway, the main events of the evening included mostly playing videogames, drinking booze (i’ve discovered the joys of watermelon pucker and sapporo beer – i think i have a new favorite beer, yuengling watch out!), watching videos, and watching anime / fiddling around with computers. this is very enhanced by the fact that they have a VERY LARGE TV SET. not even a tv set, actually, but really a projector mounted on the ceiling, resulting in an approximately 10′ tv screen on the wall. notice, an 8-player game of halo via x-boxes linked together:

also notice, a very large (and thus very scary) fran drescher from “uhf”:

that “input2″ on the right hand side is on one of the tv sets over there – you can kind of see the black box that makes up the screen of that tv over there, and that’s got to be about a 27” tv set (for purposes of comparison of scale).

so that’s what i did with my evening. and i’m too awake to go to bed, but too sleepy to stay up. 😛

depending on what i find out tomorrow about doing autocross next weekend or going to feisty_fitz‘s family day if i’m able to find someplace to stay will determine whether or not i work on sunday. hrm.