#2692 – wish i could have lived there

last night i dreamt that ski309 had a parrot that got loose in some guy’s huge townhouse in san diego, so he and somebody (probably johnhr11) and i tried to get it out. when we finally got the parrot out i discovered via my aunt that the place, though it was old, was FOR SALE and CHEAP, but she didn’t know how much it was. i asked aeire if she could find out, and she told me that it was only $300 to buy the place.

next thing i knew, my whole family was having a party in the place even though the current occupant (some comic artist – i went poking through his “office” area of the townhouse, haha) hadn’t moved out yet. but it was perfect! $300 to buy a place like that, and outside was all green grass, and the beach was about a block away, and it was surrounded by these huge mansions so you know it wasn’t in a bad part of town.

but then i woke up, and no more house 🙁 haha…

my account expires in 2 days – i know i’m going to forget about renewing it because i remember about renewing when i’m nowhere near my credit card, and i’m too lazy go to get it, and when i’m next to my credit card i’m not thinking of renewing.

never you mind that i know my credit card info off the top of my head! hahahah… 😛

we got a postcard thing in the mail today from new york maritime, saying that 9/18 is family day/homecoming – i have that weekend off, hahahaha… i still haven’t gotten anything in the mail from distante yet 🙁 🙁 maybe my mailman is a sneak-thief!

ok, time for breakfast, and then time to get ready for classes…

i hate that little card verification number they ask for (where it has 3 digits on the back of the card that you have to enter)… i can never remember it, and so i either go run and get the card or i guess… i guessed 932 and it turned out to be 942! arghhh… so my first transaction didn’t go through because i had the wrong number, and the second one won’t go through until the bank releases the duplicate transaction. 😛