#2682 – yay hooray

mom’s feeling better 😀 she was on the phone calling from the hospital when i walked in the door from class – apparently she woke up and her arm felt kind of tingly and numb and so she called our doctor about it, and they said that at first she could come in tomorrow, but later they called back to say that since she hasn’t been seen there in 5 years or so she’s considered to be a new patient and so would have to see the nurse practitioner next week. she set up an appointment and thought that it sounded a bit weird, so she called her ob/gyn and the receptionist said to get to the emergency room at the hospital, so she took herself there where they did some blood tests and hooked her arm up to some wires and are keeping her there for observation overnight, but she says she doesn’t feel numb or tingly now. tomorrow they’re going to inject her veins with something-or-other, and then she’s going to go on a stress-test on a treadmill, and then they’ll look at the stuff through some machine and then should be releasing her around 1:30. if they were going to keep her there longer i’d stop by and drop off her ipod for her, haha

my classes went well, parking was easy to find. my networks and internets professor seems nice though is kind of quiet, but my psychology professor is very nice and helpful and fun.

so yay hooray! i might head out to friday’s for a round of drinks with the closing shift from work in a bit, hahaha…