#???? – welcome week party

just got back from our welcome wek party,a nd i’m sooo uncoordinated. XD;;;; it’s been ages since i finished my drinks (who knows what johnhr11 gave me first, and then later i had a scerwdriver).

also had my first carpet ride EVER. ended up hitting my head on the ceiling but i didn’t feel a thing! go me! XD;

talked with a cute freshman girl named jessie for most of the night . needd to get her details. some other girl stole my glasses and danced witha nother girl but did not want to give my glassses back. she eventually had to be pestered by another brother to give them back (which she had IN HER PURSE though she told me that she had not seen them! 😛 i told her that if i had a spare i’d let her keep them as a souvenier, but since no spare she could not keep them).

another girl was dancing around and one guy said that he felt like we should be giving her $1 bills. XD i did not have any $1 bills, so i slipped her a subway sub-club card instead! XDDDD that’s big pimping, right there. XD

but now must go to bed since must be at work at 8:00 am and have a conference call at 9:30 am. yay! 😛