#2670 – golden ticket

Job Description

Job Title: Member-Technical Staff

Salary Band: E

Location: xxxxx, Laurel, MD

Job Requisition: 127372

Staffing Contact: White,Lisa

Duties and Qualifications:


The Member of Technical Staff works as a member of the Technical Support /Services team. Typically, the incumbent will require close supervision and a significant amount of training. However, it is expected that the Member of Technical Staff will increasingly demonstrate the ability to work independently.

Works as a team member on small to intermediate size technical projects of low to average complexity. Works under the direction and supervision of senior Technical Support/Services staff and management. Completes assigned technical tasks on time (e.g., design, development, implementation, testing, maintenance, etc.). Proactively monitors and controls all production systems and networks to maximize systems availability. Performs problem resolution activities according to established procedures and makes supervised-decisions that impact assignments. Resolves assigned Trouble Tickets within the established timeframes while providing quality customer service. Proactively communicates status reports and issues to manager. Successfully completes all relevant general and technical training programs in accordance with Performance Agreement goals and objectives.


– Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Information Systems and some experience in a network/data center operations, hardware/software support, and/or client relations position is preferred; or an equivalent combination of education and work experience

– Technical aptitude, including the ability to understand detailed technical -information

– PC literacy, including working knowledge of desktop applications (e.g., Microsoft Office, email, etc.)

– Working knowledge of information systems concepts

– Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to follow directions

– Good organizational and problem solving abilities

– Good verbal and written communication skills

Please apply before: 08/31/2004

Position not eligible for relocation assistance.

Reasonable accommodations where necessary, will be made for qualified candidates who have limitations due to permanent disabling conditions. Verizon Wireless is an equal opportunity employer.

let’s dissect this, shall we?

job title looks like i’ll be one of the guys going around to the different stores fixing things with their networks / printers / etc.

salary band “E” means i’d get a raise (i’m currently at salary band “F”).

location: HEADQUARTERS, baby! cafeteria food for lunch and no more retail! XD

“Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Information Systems”… got that in progress.

“Technical aptitude”… of course.

“PC literacy”… DUH.

“Working knowledge of information systems concepts”… see the “in progress” bit.

etc etc. in short, i’d be crazy not to apply. so i did. XD they say that you’re supposed to be in your current position for 12 months before applying for one in another department (6 months if it’s in the same department)… hopefully they’ll let me get this… ^_^;

i’ve got 5 gmail invites… who wants one? 😀 need full name and current email address!