#2663 – what.

is there some reason why wearing a pair of jeans, this shirt, and pushing a shopping cart leads other customers to believe that for some odd reason that you actually work there, and pull you aside to ask you questions such as “does this lamp need a special bulb?” or “do you have this chair but in a smaller size?” or “does this only come in black?”

i swear, people. TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE did that to me today. -_-;

i bought a bunch of stuff from ikea, though, and it all fit in my mini! XD i probably could have bought big-ass bookshelves too, but i didn’t know how much length i’d have to fit things in if i folded the front passenger seat down, so i didn’t bother.

i also went to the apple store and bought for myself simcity 4 and call of duty. ^_^ plus, if there’s one thing i like about going to the towson mall is the plethora of hawt chix. a few that i saw at ikea weren’t bad either. ESPECIALLY this one girl i saw that was there with her family – yow! >XD

everything that juts into that rectangle there is either my wardrobe (top right) or my bookcases that make up parts of my walls (top left). i might try moving some of the walls in my room to make even more room. hmm….