#2661 – ikea

i’m having an edward norton moment here. well, more like a fight club moment, but since i kinda look like edward norton it’s more of an edward norton moment, i guess.

my bedroom needs some organization, BADLY. right now i’m crusing the webpage and 2005 catalog for ikea. i realized today that somehow i have ~$700 more than what i thought i had in my bank account (even after accounting for checks in the mail, etc.), so i think i’ll go up to ikea tomorrow and see what i can find to help fix my room up some. it’d be nicer if i had more space in here, though. i measured the room, and found out it’s only 11′ x 10’4″, and lots of that is cut into because of my wardrobe. and then with my bed and desk in the room, and then my dresser, i don’t have much room to spare. 🙁 it’s not as bad as homodachi‘s place though – i saw pics of that place and it’s SMALL! o_o

i’d do some rearranging, but there’s no room to rearrange things to 🙁

oh, yeah, and i’d go on a shopping spree, but there’s not much room for cargo in a mini XD;