#2652 – great falls / rubberband man

i told mom that i bought “rubberband man” on the itunes music store after we watched through the officemax commercials on their site and she ended up giving me a funny look. so apparently she gets annoyed when she buys perry como songs and i don’t tell her i already have perry como songs she could listen to, and she gives funny looks when i keep her informed of songs i do buy that she doesn’t want. oh well. XD

so dad and i went to grandmother and grandaddy’s place to visit with them and hang out with uncle john. it was too late to go to the ballgame ( ;_; ) but since the orioles ended up losing (AGAIN) to the blue jays (8-5) i’m glad i wasn’t there to see yet ANOTHER travesty of baseball. we ended up going to great falls on the maryland/virgina border and walked around there for most of the day. afterwards we went out to eat at wendy’s, and then back to grandmother and grandaddy’s place for ice cream. i didn’t have my camera with me, but i was able to take some pics with my cameraphone.

while we were going around, dad and uncle john did a lot of reminiscing… like about the time they caught an eel and they didn’t know anything about eels except that there were electric eels, so they ended up prodding this one with sticks to get it back in the water. or the time that they rode their bicycles in the storm sewers (there was a big entrance that they could fit in, and only an inch or two of water, so they rode their bicycles through the storm sewers until they couldn’t go forward anymore – they ended up popping out of a manhole and finding some neighborhood kids… this is about a mile or so away from where they started… and the kids didn’t believe that they had their bikes in the sewer until they showed them the bikes in the sewer. they ended up having to turn around and ride back out since the bikes wouldn’t fit out the manhole). or the time that dad tried to stand on this elevated manhole that was under construction (there was a hole about 8 feet deep around this manhole pillar sticking up out of the ground, and dad found a board that would just barely fit across this hole to the pillar, so he decided to toss it across. the best way to toss this was to kind of straddle the board and heave it across, and then he’d be able to stand on the pillar for no reason than to just be out there standing on the pillar. well, he heaved it, and it just barely missed. the front of the board fell down into the hole, the ground in front of him at the edge of the hole acted as a fulcrum, and the end of the board ended up catapulting dad into the air and into the hole).

after wendy’s we drove through some neighborhoods on the way back to grandmother and grandaddy’s place, and we saw the place that my family lived in when i was born, and we drove by grandmother and grandaddy’s old house as well. i took pics of both. it was funny to hear dad talk about some of the other houses in his old neighborhood – “i jumped out of that window when that house was under construction when i was a kid!”. i told him he should go ring the doorbell and tell whoever lives their now that, haha…

i think i quoted too much mitch hedberg today than is healthy. from the top of my head, i remember talking about from his new album: chocolate bars, limes, mr pibb, the letter ‘x’, talking parrots. and that’s just what was easy to remember!

uncle john and i talked some about japanese stuff while we hiked. i think i may just end up finishing my japanese credits at the community college – after taking 102 twice and getting a D both times i think i need a different approach. he said that when he started he was self-taught, then went into 102, went to take 103, but since it was after some period of time he dropped down to 101, and then after doing 101 he went back up to 103, and eventually went on to get a degree in japanese. occasionally he would say something in japanese as we hiked. it reminded me of when he came to visit us about 3 years ago after i first took japanese and didn’t know what the hell was going on. back then he’d say something in japanese and i had no clue what he said. today it’s the same thing, but at least now i know what to say in japanese so he knows i didn’t understand what he said! XD;


uncle john: *japanese gibberish*

me: *blink*


uncle john: *japanese gibberish*

me: sumimasen, nihongo wa tyotto wakarimasu nee… XDD;

he also said something how the japanese are always taking shortcuts with their speech. instead of always saying “ohayoo gozaimasu” and something else that i don’t remember (it translated to “you’re the tired one”) which they said to begin and end each time the orchestra he was in over there practiced, it’s all been shortened now to just “ess” and “dess”, haha.

it was nice to check out the girls as we walked around. last night festive and i were talking about this, where apparently there’s all these scientific studies that say that people are most attracted to other people with the same facial characteristics as themselves. to test it out i took a picture of me (yeah, not the greatest – i was getting tired at the time XD;) and then cruised hot or not for chix (in the name of “research” and SCIENCE! </thomas dolby> of course!), and looked at the facial features of the ones i liked, and it really was amazing! i was very surprised. so that was one thing that i found myself noticing more than usual today. now i can’t wait for school to start just so i can do more “research”, heh heh! 😀

me: i think i will have fun when the school year starts back up now

festive: ?

me: lots of “RESEARCH” to be done

festive: hehehe

me: aka “valid excuse for ogling the laydeez”

we also did some talking about future plans. we want to go to the olympics together (maybe in china in 2008). the winter olympics is closer, though! and in italy! mmm, speedskaters.

i’m getting tired of having to wear glasses, but narie‘s post about the eye surgery process is kind of unsettling. it’s nice to know there’s no pain, but what they do to the eye is kind of unnerving… *rimshot?* XD

i also just bought a crapload of songs off the itunes music store.

yesterday i ordered “those magnificent men and their flying machines”, “it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world”, “the great chase”, and a book for one of my classes. which of these things is not like the other? XD; today i ordered my private investigator training stuff, and should get that within the week.

i was scheduled to open the store tomorrow, but one of my coworkers swapped with me so now i’m closing. i prefer closing to opening 😀