i was just about to go to sleep on my bed when i looked over and saw this bigass camel cricket jumping around on my bed.

of all the years that i’ve been sleeping in the basement, this is the first time i’ve seen a cricket actually hopping around up ON my bed and even trying to get in when i tried killing it >_< i HATE camel crickets... in other news, earlier today i was just thinking 'what if' a lot. talked with festive some and i’m considering maybe looking into transferring to a different school. the other day i was talking with ben, my coworker, about this predicament. i want to meet more people and get out and about more, but 1) i can’t seem to find anything to do around here that’d appeal to me much, and 2) i know so many people around here that i don’t find myself in situations where i try to meet new people. i seem to do my best performing when i’m in a situation where it’s just me by myself, so i’d want to go somewhere where i don’t know anybody else at all, just so i can try to get along on my own and get out and meet people. that’s one of the reasons why i was considering transferring. i’d prefer a BIG city atmosphere wth an information systems program or something similar.

new work, or new job, i just need a change of scene / change of pace.

i moved my airport express to my room and got it set up so it does the same stuff it was doing upstairs, but now i’ve got it hooked up to a set of speakers in my room for itunes, so now i’ve been lounging on my bed all night just chatting away and listening to my tunes. one of my coworkers burned me a copy of mitch hedberg’s cd and i gave that a listen and that was very funny. 😀 i want to hear more of his stuff…

depending on the weather tomorrow i may or may not go to the baseball game. game is at 4:30 but there’s supposed to be thunderstorms from 2-3. they’re inducting brady anderson into the orioles hall of fame with cal ripken doing the presentation, and because i feel like it i wanted to get the best seats i could. right now it seems the best is in section 42 about 8 rows back in row HH, so i’ll see how the weather is and where my seats would be. i was thinking of going to the baseball games on both saturday and sunday, and turns out that we might make baseball on sunday a family event – my uncle john (who i hung out with some on my last day in san diego) was out here for my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago. he flew out to texas for his son’s graduation from the air force’s version of boot-camp, and then flew back here to visit, so he and dad were going to do something. suits me if we go to the baseball game since i planned to go anyways – sunday is double bobblehead day!

yesterday i got this email from apple saying that some of the models of powerbook i had were shipped with faulty batteries and so they were doing a recall on the batteries. i filled out the form at about 5:00 pm yesterday, and had the battery at my house by 3 pm this afternoon. now that’s service! apparently the faulty battery was made by lg electronics (surprise, surprise). 😛

i sent my ipod off to have apple take a look at it too. that’s why getting the battery so soon surprised me – i put in a service request for the ipod since it was giving me problems, and that was early this week. they sent me the box to ship it out in yesterday, and dhl picked that up today. later mom told me about the box that the battery was in and for a minute i was thinking that somehow they already had sent out the new ipod, hahahaha. turned out it was just the battery, though. hopefully they’ll send me a 4th generation ipod.

oh! apparently we’re not supposed to be coming in to work at 7:30 in the morning, so my manager had to move it back to 8 am for opening the store 😀 that’s good.

eh, screw it, i’m buying the ticket now. that close to home plate is too good to miss out on.

i keep wanting to make a radiokrud post, but i can’t think of any good songs to post off the top of my head, or ones that i can write about at least. hmph.