#2648 – an awesome job

why can’t mike bolt be looking into retirement? 🙁

my manager is prepping me to becoming the next assistant manager of operations (a $~20k increase), but i don’t know if it is what i want to end up doing. i’m still trying to find a job outside of retail, but searching for government jobs shows tons that i’m not really qualifed for, and searching for other non-retail jobs show things that i can’t see myself doing (or again, stuff that i’m not qualifed for 🙁 )

today i had my first cigar while hanging out with one of my coworkers at this local little ol’ redneck bar / pool hall after work. 😛 how educational! now i’ve got a half-smoked cigar sitting in my car (which i finally was able to wash today) – i hope it doesn’t stink it up just sitting in there…