#2645 – all figured out

no thanks to saccarineayako and my old boss from umbc, i’ve got my hdtv all picked out. now i just need to get the $$$ to get it.

i went up to umbc and was talking to him about his tv set while i was there picking up an airport express extreme (it’s driving me nuts trying to keep those two names straight), and he was saying how he LOVES his hdtv and that he watches his nature shows and travel shows and sports and how in golf you can see how the ball is this little round thing that flies through the air and onto the green and he’s even able to see the little dimples on the ball, etc etc.

so anyway i did my investigation, and i think i’ll get this 30″ sony widescreen tv. i was still trying to make up my mind whether or not to get an hdtv (because it’d be nice to see, but i don’t get to watch the shows i want to now), or should i get this thing called the eyetv which plugs into my mac and turns it into a pvr so i can set it to record the shows i want to see but i’d have to watch them on my laptop. while i was investigating hdtvs and comcast’s service and all i found out that it’s $5 / month for the hdtv signal through the cable, and they’ve got a pvr you can get from them for $10 / month, or if you get both then it’s still only $10. that’s great because tivo doesn’t handle hdtv, and if you were to buy a third-party pvr that does then you’d still be paying another $800 or so. so it’s win-win! yay! the only “bad” thing about comcast’s pvr they have is it’s only an 80 gig hard drive, so that only holds about 8-10 hours of hdtv, as opposed to 30+ of digital cable or 25-30 of analogue.

i just realized i did the british spelling for “analog”. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

only other “bad” thing about the tv is that i most likely won’t have it until the olympics is over. *pout* how am i going to ogle the olympic chix properly if i can’t see them in hdtv?? *pout pout pout* XD

also, i just realized: HOW ARE SOME OF THESE OLYMPIC SPORTS?! BRIDGE?? LIFE-SAVING?? AND WHAT IN THE WORLD IS “KORFBALL”?? at least i’m glad that racquetball really is an olympic sport and that ping-pong wasn’t just a poor imitation. 😛