#2644 – within without

went to work today, not too bad except for the whole be-at-work-at-7:30-in-the-am bit. you know how i complained about that stupid spreadsheet thing the other day? well, we’ve got a new spreadsheet now that’s a bit easier to use (and since it was brand new i added some features to it to help us in the store a bit more), so that should cut down on the time it takes to use. hell, even opening or saving the old one took 10 minutes each time since it was 32 megabytes! no reason why a spreadsheet should be 32 megabytes big! this new one is only 700-something kilobyes, so much better. the whole process is still a pain, though.

anyway, so i worked, and came home from lunch, and saw that johnhr11 said he’d take one of the free tickets i had for tonight’s baseball game. (when we signed up for comcast internet or cable or something we got 4 free tickets to certain orioles baseball games). stueypark and i and johnhr11 and a girl he knows and whammywah and his girlfriend sarah all ended up going, all of us except for john and his friend piling into my mini and driving there. we ended up parking in an area i don’t usually park but it was still nearby and only $5. john got me a beer, and i got a hot dog and a soda, and dave and sarah got nachos making everyone else want nachos, so i had to get nachos too, and then sarah got cotton candy, so i had to get cotton candy too. i made it my goal to eat as much as i could because i didn’t have to pay for the ticket, haha.

the game was ok, pretty boring for the most part though. some people started a wave and that went around the stadium in a continuous loop about 6 or 7 times before dying out. at one part we could have sworn we heard some people chanting “yankees suck”, and we figured they were so bored they didn’t know what game they were at.

anyway, it was all well and good until the bottom of the 9th with 1 out, orioles 1, yankees athletics 3. we had one man on 3rd base. rafael palmiero came up to bat and it ended up him getting hit on the foot with the ball and he falls down and the home plate ump tells him to take his base. the 3rd base ump says “no, that’s wrong, he really swung at that and it should be 3rd out”. palmiero yells at the umps, manager comes out of the dugout and yells at the umps, they tell palmiero he’s really out after he’s already gone to first and so he gets upset and kicks his helmet into the dugout, and the manager ends up following him in. i think they should have protested more. ended up being the next guy out hit a long fly ball that was easily caught to end the game. lamest call EVAR – if we had a home run we would have tied it up 🙁 🙁 🙁

it was pretty funny though, the guy sitting behind us. i’ve never seen someone more excited about the guess-the-year game played between innings. during the game he’d be shouting “HOLY SMOKES! WE NEED TO GET MORE STRIKES! YEAHH!! THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE ABOUT!” etc etc

and now i’ve just been hanging out at home watching the olympics on the tv while talking with festive (also: i’d like to give a shout-out to her bewbs) about how hawt some of the olympic chix are. yowza. XD some of them are hawt hawt hawt.

i so need to go to the olympics some year. hm. well, italy is 2006, china is 2008, and vancouver is 2010. i’ll be an old man by the 2012 olympics (location unknown so far). hmm, i should really try to do one of those. maybe italy. hmm…


best on-topic drunken post evar:

ok, now i’m really going to bed. it’s 5 in the morning! @_@