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c++ = crush++ Crush Meme

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i got the best spam subject in my gmail account today: Order Ticket # 0_o 1.917~591~5093 o_0 for created on Sun, 15 Aug 2004 13:16:27 +0400

the “O_o … o_O” make it funny XD there’s another one i got twice with the subject she wants you to be… cardboard hatteras, and an even better one that says she wants you to be… mammoth jubilee. i always wanted to be a mammoth jubilee too! oh man, there’s all sorts of hilarious ones in here:

RE: Spiderman Pharmacy (how come batman doesn’t get a bat-pharmacy??)

I always knew id be able to order online one day (wow! so did i!)

I got your msg (based on their NO MSG signs, i think you’ve got the msg for almost all chinese restaurants too)

Happiness Time (if it’s happy hour, then maybe)

she wont quit jolly excelsior (better get her into “jolly excelsior anonymous”, asap!)

24 x 7 penis readiness (i’ve already got it ready 24 x 7… we’re attached at the hip or thereabouts, don’t you know?)

Cheaper than contrary hoopla (even with my “contrary hoopla: 50% off” coupon?)


yipping (body: “jackass evaporate…”) (that’s the most dada spam i’ve seen. in other news: moon!)

it depends on you glutamate bhoy (if they meant to say “glutamate boy”, that’s the BEST name for a superhero)

RE: Finally, a smart sp@m control solution you can trust! (body: “FORGET SPAM BLOCKERS!”) (don’t need it, this was blocked with no problems, thankyew)

Looking for a friend to use only for … “benefits”? (the “…” makes it all dramatic – DUN DUN DUNNNN!)

i think i’ll post these in funny_spam too XD

this new procedure we have at work really sucks. we’ve got this new spreadsheet we need to enter everything in when opening and closing the store. today we had no customers in the store when we closed, so that didn’t delay us, and we were scheduled to be out at 6:30. we weren’t out until 7:30. AN HOUR AND A HALF AFTER THE STORE CLOSED. T_T arrgh, it sucks so much. if it weren’t for the money, i’d quit. 😛