#2636 – note to self

Suspect had ‘Rob Bank’ on To-Do List

makes me think of my friend pete – he made up a to-do list of things he wanted to do in life, except right after “rob bank” he added “get away with it”, haha.

man, the past few days have been busy yet not. mostly just hanging around the house feeling really out of it, but i need to get out and about so i’m going to be going out with ski309 and the other lambda chi brothers to get wings tonight. i haven’t really posted at all in the past few days since there wasn’t anything to post about…

monday: hung around the house. dad and uncle john and anne went climbing up sugarloaf mountain. i could have gone, but i was feeling too out of it.

tuesday: went back to work. this opening the store at 7:30 am is ok, but i don’t really care for it that much. they say that the new manager we’re supposed to get by the end of the month is really lazy and barely comes out of his office. one of my coworkers said that when she was at a different store and heard that he’d be coming to her store while she was out on maternity leave, she said that she had to be transferred to a different store or she’d quit the company, she hates him that much. greaaat, just what i wanted to hear. went with stueypark to the apple store to see if i could buy me an eyetv (cable tv cable -> eyetv box -> powerbook; turns powerbook and associated hard drives – 250 gig, in this case – into a tivo! XD). they didn’t have one, so i was sad. i’d order one online now, but since i just paid my bills and such i’m low on the $$$ (so crazykiltman, let me know when you’d be able to send out the rest of the con cash). a truck i was following on the way up to towson had some big-ass rocks fall off its flatbed – i was able to dodge a few, but then this HUGE one came out of nowhere and hit the windshield 🙁 it chipped the glass just a little, no cracks (thank god!).

wednesday: hung around the house. went to the bank and deposited my birthday checks, and transferred out cash from one bank account to another because of an overdrawn account. was going to run up to umbc and get a copy of windows xp for the copy of virtual pc i downloaded the other day (just the app, though, didn’t come with any os). paid some bills. got a copy of final cut pro from mechajubei‘s hotline server (had ripped the music vid footage i’d need into motion jpeg, but then read that no, dv footage is even better. sheesh, will these pages make up their minds??), so looks like i just might end up using my copy of final cut express anyways after all. also got a copy of virtual pc w/ windows xp all in one online, and used that to submit my request for tuition to be paid from work. (apparently the site only works with microsoft explorer on windows :P). tried to figure out a better layout for my speakers in my room. talked with distante about ebay bids (i hope she wins this ;_;v – good luck!), and talked with xxxantiyouxxx about engrish t-shirts (anybody want to buy me any of those? especially “dr superlove” or “kind of crap” XD). didn’t fall asleep until about 4 am.

today: woke up at about 3. sent an email to andy i about how great in-n-out is, and to read up on the secret menu before he goes. looked for breakfast around 4 (anybody else see anything wrong with that??). sat around some more. felt sappy watching the amv for tonight is what it means to be young. i should stop watching that amv, this is probably the second or third time i’ve watched it so far and i’ve felt this way each time. 😛 i dunno, i’m just in a general sappy mood… if it wasn’t for that, i’d be using a different icon for this post.

even the machoness of meat loaf can’t stop me from feeling sappy about this particular song. 🙁

bleh, i need to get out and about. damn you, meat loaf. making me feel sappy won’t stop me from making one of your songs focus of one of the upcoming radio krud postings (did you know that the guy that wrote “tonight is what it means to be young” is the same guy who wrote the songs for “bat out of hell 2”?).

c’mon chicken wings!