#2633 – pinkeye

well, this morning when i woke up my eye was crusted over so much with dried tears that i couldn’t open it until i washed it off and then saw my left eye was very red. i went down to where mom was working on fixing up pictures of the wedding from yesterday and she asked me if i knew how to get rid of redeye from her pictures, and i said yeah, but do you know how to get rid of mine?

so i made an appointment to go back to doctor’s today, called my managers and told them how i thought it was pinkeye and wasn’t going to come in until i found out it wasn’t, and then lay down until the doctor’s appointment. the doctor confirmed that it was pinkeye, and said not to go back to work until 24 hours after starting to take the medicine, so this means i don’t have to return to work until tuesday, and then i’ve got wednesday and thursday off from work as well XD

i feel a little bad, but i can’t help being sick. XD;

so tomorrow i’m going to go with dad and uncle john up climbing sugarloaf mountain (and i’m going to drive my car all over the twisty roads getting to the mountain), and today i’m just sitting around the house – going to watch some anime in a few, and maybe later i’ll wash the cars (depending on how much mr clean autowash soap i’ve got on hand, since i can’t really go to the store to pick some up).

i also feel kind of bad for newcoming lj friends that all my posts are about me being sick for the past week. ^_^;; go read radiokrud in the meantime – i’m going to post the listener’s choice songs later! ^_^