#2632 – yuk

quick post before i go to bed – went to the doctor’s last night, and they said that i didn’t have strep, and that i ought to take claritin-d to make myself feel better during the day, and benadryl at night.

so now my throat still hurts, but i know how to help it. but now my left eye is oozing something… my eye keeps producing tears because of it, and then my eye gets stuck half-open o_o;;;;; i keep thinking of the part in “oedipus tex” where he sings “my eyes! my eyes! what am i gonna do for eyesss??”, but in my case it would just be “my eye!” etc etc.

went to my cousin kiera’s wedding today, nice ceremony. mom was talking with some friends of hers about how i need to find a girlfriend, and when she asked me were there any prospects and i said that i had been talking with a girl in las vegas for the past 2 months she said i needed to find someone who wasn’t geographically undesirable (meaning: find a girl close to home – which i would if i could, but i’ve got no clue what i ought to do to find people around here… i’m not really into the whole bar scene and all, and i’m drawing a blank about anything else). she said “sometimes you meet people at a wedding”, and while there were two hawt chix i saw there as friends of the groom, i was feeling too sick and out of it for most of the wedding. stupid throat and eye. -_-;

oh! i was able to replace my shoes that mom had got me as a gift and then i, uh, lost. i bought a new pair just like it on friday, and so it’s as if they never disappeared in the first place! XD; the lady at the store almost didn’t want to sell them to me because (even though they’re the same size as the ones i had previously), she thought they were way too big for me. but, i do have 30 days to try these out, and if they’re not really worn by then i can exchange them. the smaller size would have to be a special order, so what i’m thinking of doing is holding on to these until my next paycheck, and then returning them, and having them order the ones that would fit me better. very crafty, glenn, very crafty! this way i not only get a new replacement pair of shoes, but ones that fit me better than the ones i lost! XD; that’s all on the “low-key”, of course.