#2630 – fascinating

yeah, from the sounds of things my coworkers are mostly all either looking for other jobs with the company, or trying to find a way out. nobody wants to be in retail anymore, except for the salespeople (and that’s because they’re sales and they love stuff like that).

so like i was saying earlier today, i called up this number and they’re mailing me an application for a referral application so i can apply to be a trainee private investigator. in the meantime i got from them details to have a free account on the international private investigators’ union forums online – just reading through that is interesting. i need to wait for them to fully approve me through the queue and into the forums – i keep getting told that i can’t see the site because i’m not approved for it yet ^^; still, though, it’s fascinating stuff, and very interesting to read, and everybody seems to want to help each other out.

on the application i saw online for the job, it lists a bunch of different things…

Background Investigations

Civil & Undercover Investigations

Retail & Cashier Fraud Surveillances

Crime Scene Analysis

Sales Fraud Investigations

Criminal & Drug Investigations

Real Estate Fraud

Nursing Home Abandonment Cases

Insurance Fraud

Music & Video Piracy

Nanny & Child Care Investigations

Integrity Shopping Services

Missing Persons & Research

Pre-Employment for hotel chain employees

Dead Beat Spouse Collections

Process Service

Customer Service Investigations

Internet and Web Hack ProgrammerInvestigations

Telemarketing & Collections Investigations

Protective & Bodyguard Services

Work at Home scam Investigations

Skip Tracing

Clerical and Office Embezzlements

Forensic and/or Evidentiary Photography

Federal Anti-Piracy Investigations

Medical Negligence Examinations

Identity & Social Security Theft

you can choose any of those if you want specific training… it’d probably be interesting to do the internet / web hack investigations, especially once i finish my degree in information systems! civil & undercover investigations sounds interesting as well, hahaha…

man, that’d be so badass and awesome, hahahaha… XD i just want out of retail.