#2626 – birthday presents

ok, for my birthday i got…

– from grandmother & grandaddy: $25

– from pap-pap: $20

– from mom and dad: a toiletries kit (i was complaining before my trip to san diego how i didn’t have one)

– from anne: a “gift certificate” for $11 at any store (she made one herself, aww XD)

– from kelly: nothing yet, she’s still trying to get it – apparently they can either get it at bed, bath, and beyond, or maybe at wal-mart, but if they can’t get it at either place they need to get it off of ebay or at an antiques store because it hasn’t been made anymore, and it’s something that i’d enjoy and use all the time. i’m as confused about that as you are. o_o

hmm… i know i had a point when i started to write this…

oh yeah! i remember now… in the toilietries kit, the tag says “hecho en india” (“made in india”). now, that’s spanish, so WHY doesn’t it have “made in india”‘ but in indian or punjabi or whatever it is they speak. don’t they speak english a lot over there? being formerly british-rule and all, i’d suppose. heavily accented english, at least. why spanish, though, of all languages? weird.

for dinner we went to mike’s, this seafood restaurant. not bad – i got soft crabs sauteéd in lemon butter. yum yum!