#2625 – that extra 'n' is worth $20, better use it

lately i’ve been getting rather irritated about people spelling my name wrong. how hard can it be to spell “glenn” with two “n”s?? it’s been getting ridiculous. for example: at work, whoever set up my email address has me in the system as being “glen fitzpatrick”, with email address my business cards that were ordered for me say “glen fitzpatrick”, but they list my email address as being “” (note the correct spelling there, but if people try to email me at that address i’ll never recieve it).

my id badge has my name spelled correctly though.

i was chosen to be employee of the month for june. one of my managers had to ask a few differerent coworkers how i spell my name when he was ordering the name plaque for the employee of the month board. i guess he didn’t want to ask me since it was still secret at the time who was getting the award. despite me correcting him on a few emails i’ve recieved from him, and despite me doing the same with several of my coworkers, they all told him that it was “glen fitzpatrick”. when he showed me the board with my name on it i told him to reorder the name plaque since that wasn’t me, and get me some new business cards while i’m at it.

another one of my managers had a bet with one of my coworkers how i spell my name. he said it was “glen” while she said it was “glenn” (since she had seen a note i left for her earlier in the day). now the manager owes her $20 for their bet.

that’s just a few examples, but everyone does it, and it’s pissing me off. so, usually my problem is with people spelling my first name wrong. i’m tempted if i ever get something from the irs saying “glen” fitzpatrick owes them money, i’ll just toss it out since that’s not me. it’s that aggravating.

at otakon, though, i went to the adv booth to see what they had. they had this really weird line system going, but as you got up to the front of the line you’d walk right past their table so you could pick out what you wanted, and give it to one of their employees and they would put a post-it with your name on it and set up a little pile for you, so as you got to the cash register then they would pull your pile and you would pay for it there.

so i go to the first guy, and when he asks for my name to put on my pile i say “fitzpatrick”. i see he wrote down something starting with a “p” so i say “fitzpatrick with an ‘f'”. further down the line i pick out something else, and tell him how i think the first guy wrote my name wrong, and would he want to make a new sign for my pile? he says that it’s ok, they’ll just get it all at the register.

when i get up to the register it takes them a few minutes to hunt around to find everything. turns out the first guy wrote “patrick f.” 9_9 at least the second guy wrote “glenn” correctly though!