#2624 – retiring

well, another day, another year older… 22 years old now. when did i get to be such an old fart? oh yeah, about 90 minutes ago. it’s weird to see what i did past years thanks to lj. for example: i forgot that exactly 2 years ago was when comic-con was going on, and i remember having my 20th birthday at haven house and giving people high-fives at midnight, haha.

so far i’ve spent my birthday crusing yahoo personals (after seeing coolerbythelake‘s post i got the inspiration to check these personals again), looking to see who i can find close to town. doesn’t that sound pathetic? other sites that try to match you up with other people based on personality are nice, but they tend to find me people that are nowhere near where i live, which puts a crimp on dating. 😛 “not geographically desirable”. T_T;

it’s a depressing way to start off my 23rd year, cruising the personal ads, you know? but the chix aren’t going to fall out of the sky for me (unless i’m bastardazing pick-up lines and changing them to “did you fall from heaven? because i have a thing for dead girls”), and unless someone gets a girl to pop out of a cake for me today i might as well keep searching.

problem is, i’m pretty picky. i wanted to elaborate on that, but i just can’t think of anything else to say besides “yep, very picky.”

that aside, listening to this song reminds me of what billiam said: gwen stefani just has this appearance of smelling like a wet dog… i don’t know why, but ever since i read that, i can kind of see what he means.

cleaning up my lj profile, since it’s gotten rather crowded in there, i’m retiring this quote: “i’m not proud of being crazy, i’m proud of being eccentric: crazy is when you get sent to the loony bin… eccentric is when you sit around in bathrobes and smoke bubble-pipes!” ~ me. also retiring a few other bits ‘n pieces too, but i wanted to save that quote of mine for posterity.

my last day of vacation is today tomorrow the 3rd. i want to go back to work, but at the same time i don’t want to return to retail. maybe besides looking for girls on the internet i should look for a different job too? after all, you can find everything online, supposedly. besides, it can’t hurt, and it’s nice to know what’s available. if i can find a non-retail place that pays about the same and does my tuition too, i’m SO there.

it feels weird filling out the forms asking what kind of job you’re looking for, and not checking off “retail” or “sales”.