#2619 – japanese girlfriend

i was feeling upset earlier (so far everything’s been good about the convention itself, but i’ve been feeling kind of annoyed about tons of things outside of the con – don’t feel like elaborating more on it, at least at this time, but i’ll leave it at my really not wanting to be in the hotel room with other people more than i need to), so i went up to the room where my coworker matt had his room, and we hung out and talked anime stuff with his roommates.

later his brother showed up with his japanese girlfriend, and we had a fun time talking to her. XD very amusing. you just try to explain what “podunk” is to someone who’s japanese and doesn’t know anything similiar – matt’s best comparison was to say “hokkaido”, bahahaha….. she also didn’t believe that “mr roboto” was a real song with lyrics that went “domo arigato mr roboto” so i played it for her and she was amazed. XD we also fooled with her and pulled eric’s knock-knock joke on her…

knock knock

who’s there?


jeff who?

jeff goldblum

needless to say, she was very confused XDDDD

it feels good to be the first person to introduce “mr roboto” to a japanese person XDD bahaahha…

no idea what i’ll be doing tomorrow so far. i almost don’t even feel like going back to the con. i dunno… i need to try to find jibakushounen and anaidiana and xyloart though! ;_; must search out!

oh god, eric just farted in his sleep. if i die because of gas poisoning, it’s his fault. 😛