#2609 – stuff

man, i don’t know how i fit all this in my luggage:

– two diesel sweeties shirts (“i am 10 ninjas”, “we prefer to be called ‘buccaneer-americans’)

– diesel sweeties vol. 1

– one secret shirt for zenmetsu XD

melonpool iii: a new hope

rex steele: nazi smasher (book & dvd / soundtrack)

scary go round 4-pack of books

– flcl soundtrack vol. 2

“shaolin soccer” dvd

“usagi yojimbo” vol. 2 & 3

– “meet herr hitler” by elvengrrl

– “cutewendy” collection & “polyp the hunter” by artistgonenuts

“freddy lombard” vol. 1 & 2

– big-ass beer glass from dick’s last resort

– a print from aeire (that i helped pick out the colors for! XD)

– a bunch of other free crap

i don’t really even read comic-book sort of comics, but man did i get a lot of stuff at the comic-book convention! hahaha… i need to scan in pictures from the comic jams… hm. but not right now. soon i’ll take a nap.