#2608 – san diego

sitting in the airport here in san diego right now… i hung out with uncle john today, and he and i took my cousin jessica to this rinky-dink airport so she could catch a flight back home to portland. afterwards, he and i got in ‘n out for lunch (YAY), and then went out in san diego bay on his sailboat for several hours, and afterwards we went to EXTREME PIZZA for dinner, and he took me to the airport. XD

so, i got the stuff i wanted to get done today done, i had a way to waste several hours before my flight, and i DIDN’T HAVE TO SPEND A CENT. HOORAY! XDD

besides, it was nice to see uncle john and jessica (for the two hours i saw her) too… i hadn’t seen jessica in about 10 years! o_o;

hm… my flight should begin boarding in about 8 minutes or so…