#2603 – incident at gate D44

so i’m sitting here in the airport (man have they done a bunch of changes to bwi since i was last here. also, i forgot that my shoes set off the metal detector, so i had to go back through and take them off and then once those were scanned i was able to continue on. oops.) in a wing of the concourse that’s at ground level. just walk out the door, and *poof*, there’s the plane right in front of you.

there’s something kind of neat about just walking out a door and having the plane right there for boarding. it’s so old-school. this place is kind of hot though, and all i’m wearing is a hawaiian shirt with an undershirt. oh yeah, pants too – that’s courtesy of my local pants association who encourage me to wear my pants at least 3 times a day. the heat is making me sleepy though.

i just noticed that i still have my luggage tag from japan airlines on my suitcase, as if to say “nyah nyah, look who’s gone to japan”. it’s my equivalent of having a steamer trunk with decals from around the world.

anyway, so i’m sitting here typing this up via the internet connection on my phone, and i’m listening to my “music to jetset by” mix (see radiokrud for details and download), and i must admit that this mix suits the travelling experience very well so far.

i guess that’s about it for now. today’s in-flight movie will be either:

– quadrophenia (i realized i still needed to watch and return it to producer_chris, oops)

– the hunt for red october

– spies like us

i like having a dvd player in my laptop, and a power cord for hooking it up so the battery doesn’t go kaput! i can’t wait to try it out on the flight XD

work this morning / afternoon was ok, nothing really great. we were busy as hell for most of the day, and then the network connection went kaput (turned out someone at the switch ended up unplugging something they shouldn’t have that gives our store its internet connectivity), and then we had asshole customers but it wasn’t anything too bad. i’m just glad that my 2 weeks of vacation is here ^_^