#2598 – italian dinner

today we had our store meeting and i got recognized for being employee of the month for last month. work itself took FOREVER though. ugh.

anyway, after work my manager drew took us customer care reps out to eat at this place called “mezzinotes” or something like that, this really nice italian restaurant, all his treat 😀 this was our reward for doing well on our store audit – he says if we do well on our next one we’ll get treated to dinner then too. we started at the bar and went to the dining room for dinner – i had a highball in the bar, and for dinner i had a glass of red wine with this appetizer of toasted bread with crab and for an entreé i had veal with noodles and crab. very good. it was fun hanging out there, we got to hang loose and have fun without being constrained because of work situations… two of the girls suggested that next time we all go out we ought to go to a strip club, bahahahaha.

afterwards we went back to the bar and hung out there for a while, and after that we went to this poolhall/bar up the road and played pool and darts and i had a beer. hung out there for a few hours before calling it a night.

i can’t believe comic-con is only 3 days away – i can see myself forgetting to go to the airport after work on wednesday and missing my flight and not making it out there o_o; what’s the plans for wednesday night? 😀 wednesday i’m leaving work and pretty much going straight to the airport – my flight leaves BWI at 6:39, and after transferring in pittsburgh i’m arriving in san diego at 10:06 pm. what time is everyone else arriving at? ^_^ and the big question: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO IN ‘N OUT?? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀