#2596 – music & things your parents warned you about

so yesterday i went to this party, and it was pretty neat… it was a total dorkfest though, hahahaha… about 90% of the people there spoke japanese, so we started talking about japanese during the party. also, at one part i was standing in the dining room of this place while people to my left were doing jaegerbombs and people behind me were talking about time dialation. see? total dorkfest.

we had fun though, watched an eddie izzard dvd and played this game called “apples to apples”. i didn’t get back home until 4:15 am and had to be at work at 8 so i only got about 3 hours of sleep, hahaha… i had two red bulls at work this morning and was running all over the place hyped-up, bahahahaha…

one of my coworkers, keith, liked this mix cd i made the other day so much that he made his own for me – it’s titled “music & things your parents warned you about”, bahahahahahahahaahhaha… it’s hilarious XDD so far the first track is some cheech & chong skit, and the 2nd track is a sexed-up remix version of “brick house”, and the 3rd is a track he was telling me about the other day with jim morrison and jimi hendrix rocking out with jim morrison yelling “FUCK HER IN THE ASSSS!!!”, haha – i’m trying to run the songs through musicbrainz to see what the songs actually are XDD it’s pretty chucklearious.

when i got home there was some guy passed out on the street corner – he looked like he was dead, so i came inside and took pictures with my monocular, but when i saw him stretch i realized that he was only sleeping.

briana sent me a new message 😀 i thought she might have forgot about me, but no, she didn’t 😀 😀 😀