#2589 – rss

ocarina is right, you all should add the rss feed of radiokrud to your friends’ list! i think i’m going to be lazy about posting mp3s up twice, so just add that to your friends list to see when i or she or bruno_boy post. (yes, maboo, you’re excepted, but it’s all good because you like dr who too 😀 😀 :D). and as an added bonus you get to see me as a hip and trendy vector-art picture! meaghan too!

i’m sick and tired of this getting out of work late business. didn’t get out today until 10:30 (one hour later than scheduled). we’re having these bigwigs (or as one of my coworkers calls them, “the big perms”) come by tomorrow so we had to get the entire store all tidied up. LAME.