#2587 – first post

got the first post of radioKRUD up – check it out! ocarina was interested in posting too, and i ran the idea past bruno_boy today and he likes the idea too, so they should be joining soon (check your emails for the invite, you two! :D)

i finally found some dinner… mmm burritos. i’m living on microwaveables while everyone else is away 🙁 maybe i could try actually COOKING. egads! that’s where a book like this would come in handy – it makes things simple! just check the review i found and you’ll see what i mean:

The plan was for her to come up with the menus and then for Veith and Greenwood to “guy it down” if she got too complicated. She would submit recipes, then they each would test them and compare notes. Predictably, as the book came together, there were some battles.

“Like the word ‘marinate.’ That’s a simple term, I thought, but that went kaput,” says Hilebronner.

“Guys are spooked by words like ‘marinate.’ They prefer ‘soak,’ ” explains Veith.

The recipe instructions are clear, written in guy-friendly language that gets the job done. “Slice the cuke into CD-thin disks,” instructs one recipe, and even a beginner knows exactly how thin to slice. Even better, the directions take the cook step-by-step through the menu so that everything gets done at the right time.

i ought to get some sleep now, since it is 3:40 am XD;