#2586 – dave and davers at dave 'n busters

i’m hungry.

didn’t go to the beach today (the family was going to ocean city’s boardwalk, and i couldn’t find my bathingsuit, and it was 30% chance of rain today, so i figured i’d go on an adventure around here). talked to stueypark about where to go and he suggested dundalk until remembering that dundalk smells bad. called bruno_boy and he said that zenmetsu and his brother and a few of our friends were going to be hanging out after he got out of work at tower records, and we were going to be going to dave & buster’s.

so stu and i drove to meet dan at work and got lost on the way through rockville, but we did see the weirdest thing: an old man with white pants hitched up halfway past his waist, wearing a yellow polo shirt, what looked like an old lady’s gardening hat, and he walked down the street tossing a basketball up in the air. after meeting dan at tower records (and getting him to get me two cds and a red bull on his discount (“crusing with ruben and the jets” by frank zappa / “the spine” by they might be giants), we went to white flint mall to hang out.

played video games at dave & buster’s, played some pool, had alcoholic drinks, and then came back home.

now, i’m sitting here listening to the “crusing” cd, and i realize what people were saying online about how frank zappa remastered it. the remaster of some songs sounds like CRAP. note:

– the original vinyl album version: “jelly roll gum drop” (4.1 MB)

– the cd remastered version: “jelly roll gum drop” (2.7 MB)

after listening to the album version several times and then listening to the cd version it sounds very muddled and echo-y. 🙁 the album version sounds much more like old-timey doo-wop songs (like the album was intended to be in the first place)… but then again since frank zappa himself remastered it then i guess he knew what he wanted. i think he missed the mark this time.