#2577 – my eye, part 2

my eye is STILL bothering me. it’s like it’s kind of dry or has an eyelash stuck in it or something. i was helping customers out at work and my eyes were watering so bad, it was driving me crazy. ^^;; i’ve noticed that i’m kind of squinting up my face a bit lately – maybe that might have some sort of cause and/or effect to this eye problem? hmm…

it was official at work today – i won a dinner for 2 at outback steakhouse 😀 now to figure out a way to find someone to go with me… hmm… maybe i’ll have to think up some sort of contest. or maybe i’ll make a post on the annapolis community to have ladies age 18-24 post just why i should choose them to take them out for a free steak dinner, and then i pick from the entrants who i should take. oh ho ho ho ho… X3 i like this idea of a contest… ;D

i’m trying to set up this blogger site for my musicblog (ocarina: since you like posting songs as well, would you be interested in posting on the musicblog as well with me once it’s set up? :D) – that way i can talk a bit more about the songs instead of just posting a quick sentence with the links. don’t worry, i’ll still post the addresses for the songs on here to make things easy for you, but you’ll be able to add it to your friends’ list using rss ^_^ i think if i were to get things set up properly, then one day each week i’ll spotlight a random cd i find at the used cd shop, because i’m considerate like that and it will help expand my music horizons! as a matter of fact, i know exactly who would probably be interested, but unfortunately bruno_boy is not really online over the summer. 😛 i’ll run my idea past him sometime and see what he thinks.

speaking of getting cds, i went to both tower records AND best buy today after work and NEITHER place had a copy of “crusing with ruben and the jets”! my attempt at purchasing music legitimately has been foiled! 😛

the reason i tried to find a copy of “crusing” today – it was stuck in my head and would not get out 🙁

“jelly roll gum drop”, frank zappa & the mothers of invention (4.1 MB)

for the itunes users out there:

“we’re the replacements”, they might be giants (2.1 MB)