#2574 – musicblogging

by way of bigbigtruck, i learned about the tofuhut, and by way of tofuhut i learned about musicblogging:

“I’m fairly excited (publicity whore that I am) to see that this reuter’s article that I got quoted in actually came out. I’ve had a number of conversations with media folk about this new wave that is musicblogging and only a few of them have panned out.

I’d would like to apologize for mixing my metaphors, tho’. I’m a schmuck that way.

“balance the canoe in the sea of riches”? Why didn’t I add that the music industry was up the creek without a paddle and that a listener stuck between a rock and a hard place would pick the lesser of two evils? Schmuck.

One caveat: I’m a bit tired with the whole “not targeted by the RIAA… YET” chickenlittle vibe that always accompanies any conversation about musicblogging. Our intentions are clear; our willingness to take down any tracks that anyone considers misappropriated are regularly stated (and, when necessary, obliged); our audience is confined to a small host of devotees and we’re not making money on this enterprise, WE’RE SPENDING MONEY TO PROMOTE ARTISTS WE LOVE. So what’s the problem?

I certainly hope I won’t be proven wrong, but I think the music industry has come to realize that fans are not the problem, they’re the solution. We aren’t napster. We aren’t Kazaa. We are, in fact, manna from heaven: intelligent tastemakers that encourage buying from label catalogs and hype up unknown or new artists. In a more rational world, we’d be getting payola.

I DO accept payola, by the by. Just sayin’.”

i’ve just found about a dozen places to try adding rss feeds to my lj friends’ list so i can keep up with these newfangled musicblogs. personally, i think the idea is AWESOME. XD but i bet you didn’t see that coming. hehehe…