#2567 – 2 more weeks

two more weeks until comic-con 😀 know what that means, besides comic-book fun?? IN-N-OUT. XDDDDDDDDDD 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

(two minutes after i added the bit about in-n-out…)

carn_carby: YAY IN N OUT

carn_carby: I always think of you when I eat there!!!

carn_carby: BYE YO =D


tomorrow my manager drew says that he’s going to hook me up so i don’t have to deal with customers much during the day – yay for doing my job so well that i get pulled aside to do more involved things dealing with the operational side of the company! i felt bad for drew today – he got cussed at by two different customers within 10 minutes of each other, and both were completely without logic (one at least had blatant water damage in his phone and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer). he had to call the cops on one of the asscrobats. ^^;;

i’m trying to figure out possible methods to get to las vegas from san diego to see if it would be possible to visit briana (met her through one of these internet matchup sites – so far so good XD;) 😀 i could fly on out, or rent a car, but if i’m going to be driving 4 hours to las vegas i’d want it to be in my Chance ;____; wonder if i could find a place that rents mini coopers? XD; that’d be a cool road trip, out across the desert.

ugh, i don’t want to have to open the store in the morning… time to get to bed… ^^;;

for you itunes users out there:

“casey jones”, the grateful dead (5.1 MB)